A Passing Resemblance is a gleefully unapologetic glimpse into the scheming interior life of an obsessed fan.

When they were little girls, Madeline and Mary shared everything. As young women, they discovered something else they could share, more fun than clothes or toys: men. And theirs was a harmless game, until one of them decided she didn't want to share with her sister . . .

After an unexpected night out on the town with a young co-worker, Rae is curious to delve into the magical realms that exist just beyond what we can see and touch.

The confession of Detective Simon Pesco was dictated not to human being, but to an unsympathetic, non-judgmental machine. Could the unnatural story he recites about sex crimes and betrayals have a kernel of truth in it? Read Crypsis, the complete transcription of Pesco’s eerie confession, and decide for yourself.

Despite what friends, lovers, and enemies believe, there is not one thing supernatural about the family of surfers from Newport Beach, California. Or is there?

Edgy, sexy, and at times, laugh-out-loud-funny, the stories in Mark Bowles' irreverent debut showcase an affinity for the outcast and subversive.

With this wickedly imaginative collection of stories that highlights his dark humor and signature wit, Mark Bowles has compiled a series of stories that will surely entertain, and possibly disturb, his reader.

The cops: Sergeant Eric Parker, just transferred to Riverside PD. The one who says clever stuff and looks like he’s been sent over from central casting to play the perfect partner: good-looking, single, and eight or ten years younger than his superior, Detective Janet Dunn.

The case: Seven years after her ex-husband and son died in a boating accident, Virginia Walker shoots a prowler in her bedroom. When it turns out that the dead burglar on her bedroom floor is her ex-husband, many questions come to light, but she has only one: “Where’s my son?”

Sue’s in the mental hospital and she’s only partially surprised. Her sister Bonnie wants to be fair. She’d almost gone over the edge herself once. On the other hand, what Susan had done, the things that she’d said . . . Bonnie wanted to be fair, but she wasn’t sure she could forgive Sue. Not for any of it.

In this age of spells and boredom, of betrayal and revenge, of lust most carnal and love most pure, there are several paths to the state of becoming a beast cursed with the ability to speak and reason.

Series by LM Foster     Series by LM Foster     Series by LM Foster

One Wilde Ride Trilogy

Part One
It Might Have Been

Daina and Nadine are modern witches, spending the last turbulent and exciting years of the 1960s chasing their dreams of sex and romance across the colorful Southern California landscape. But a dire prediction of doom has been foretold. There will be betrayal, and on its heels, a never dying thirst for revenge. Can their friendship endure in the face of the immutable forces of fate?

Part Two
An Exceptional Boy

Adrian Wilde is a young man who’s got it made. Long years before his birth, however, it was darkly prophesied that Adrian would not live past his majority. And as his birthday looms, he and all who love him are unaware of the bitter and jealous vipers in their midst. Will his unseen enemies deliver Adrian to his foretold doom?

Part Three
What Should Never Be

Leo’s father was gone, but in life, he had been of the blood, schooled in the ancient arts, and when Leo’s stepfather unwisely allows his rage and hatred to move beyond mere threats, the mystical promise of Leo’s lineage, invoked long ago, will at last manifest itself.

Stars and Guitars

Part One
Talk To A Movie Star

When an old lover suddenly reappears, Valerie’s fragile mental health might just be at stake, not to mention the future of TTAMS, the world's hottest infotainment service.

Part Two
Where The Guitars Play

When Death shows up at the gig, two old musicians may have to rethink their dismissal of the forces unseen.

Tom and Wiley

Part One
This Carnival of Strange

Liz suspects that there might be something not quite right about her newest Mr. Right.

Part Two
Wiley Royce

Wiley is a high school senior and an electronics genius. He's written an app that allows him to watch his classmates through their webcams. Nate is an ex-football player with a crush on one of the girls in Wiley's collection of webcam clips . . .

Part Three
Generally Recognized as Safe

Wiley is struggling to keep his cool and perspective in the face of the disconcerting new waves in his life. What can he do for his beloved Brendee, who may or may not want him anymore? What should he do to beautiful, sexy Janae, who clearly wants him too much? How is he going to take down the shady cabal responsible for poisoning the entire first world?

Part Four
Wiley Royce Versus The Martians

Wiley Royce – master of all he surveys – is intelligent enough to believe that there are more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in his philosophy, so when his friend confesses that he's a visitor from another planet, Wiley's willing to accept that. Then his friend’s young cousins show up with strange tales from the homeworld – will Wiley decide that three aliens constitutes an invasion?

Two Green Keys

Part One
Two Green Keys

Two young fans discover entirely more than they expected when they start poking around in the life story of dead 1960’s matinee idol Franck O’Day.

Part Two
Adapted for the Screen

There is only one plot - things are not what they seem.

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