I find it to be a great life, and nobody ever gets hurt. At least I never get hurt. There is no harm in fantasizing about famous men. It is only when one tries to drag the fantasy into the real world that problems arise.

There is never one thing undesirable about a fantasy man: in your mind, he is always on time, never says the wrong thing, and doesn't have stupid, boorish friends that he constantly subjects you to. He doesnt play video games; he brings you gifts when gifts are appropriate. He always has plenty of money. He is fantastic in bed.

If this sounds crazy to you, I need to also tell you this. When I have found a new obsession, I walk around in a state of semi-arousal all day long. Just to allow the thought of the chosen one to pass through my mind will bring waves of fresh stimulation. This can go on for months. What real man can elicit that kind of state for that long?

However, I must note that on occasion a problem has been known to arise with the fantasy life, the obsessionist life. It is really just a tiny, teensy-weensy problem, but it must be mentioned.

Every now and again, you see, one loses control. One actually starts to hope that hope - what if I could actually meet him?

When you start to feel that desire - when you start to formulate concrete, doable plans to actually in-person meet the obsession, warning bells should go off. This is a dangerous desire. Trust me. I would say that it's something to be exorcised immediately when it occurs - but once it occurs, you don't want to exorcise it. All you want to do is to meet him. And sometimes the lengths that you will go to, well . . . they can be lengthy, indeed.

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